Information about the use of cookies for our users

Like most companies, EUROCERT Ltd., the operator of also uses cookies to enhance the user experience for our customers visiting our websites. Cookies are actually tiny, text and number files that are hosted by the web site server on your computer.
Cookies allow the website operator to distinguish you from other users of the web site. However, cookies can not be run as code on your computer and can not infect your computer with viruses as they do not allow them to access your computer. Even if we do not store cookies on our site, we can not read data from your hard drive.

On EUROCERT's website we use several types of cookies:

We do not allow any third party to engage in advertising on our own websites, but we may not be able to influence the advertising activity of our agencies licensed by browsers during browsing.
EUROCERT Ltd.'s statutory obligation to provide you with your consent is to place cookies that are different from "indispensable" cookies on your computer. At the same time, please note that prohibiting the use of cookies (including indispensable cookies) may not be able to access certain parts or features of the site.

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